Measuring range


Measuring accuracy

0.25% (1°)

Survival speed

85 m/s up to 30 minutes (w/o damages)

Permissible ambient conditions for operation

-50...+80 °C
All occurring situations of r.h. including dew moistening

Electrical output 4.3151.x0.212 4.3151.x0.210

2 kΩ Potentiometer 10 kΩ Potentiometer

Electrical output 4.3151.x0.012 4.3151.x0.110

With electronic protective circuit which circuit avoids an overloading of the potentiometer in case of erroneous connection and on transition 0° → 360°The protective circuit represents a nominal series R=50 Ω. However it limits the short-circuit-current on transition from 0° → 360 ° (and vice versa)

to ≤1 mA at Pot=10 kΩ and ≤2 mA at Pot=2 kΩ


0.25% (1°)

Starting threshold

<0.5 m/s at 10° amplitude (acc. to ASTM D 5366-96) <0.2 m/s at 90° amplitude (acc. to VDI 3786 Part 2)

Delay distance

<1.8 m (acc. to ASTM D 536696)

Damping ratio

D>0.3 (acc. to ASTM D 536696)

Quality factor

K = 4·D·ω0


D = damping ratio
ω= angular frequency of undamped oscillation p = air density
u = wind speed



Surface temperature of housing neck >0 °C at 20 m/s up to –10 °C air temperature. At 10 m/s up to –20 °C using the THIES icing standard 012002 on the housing neck heating regulated with temperature sensor

Electrical supply for potentiometerat 4.3151.x0.210 / 212

Voltage Us: 0...30 VDC

Please maintain a supply current of maximum 20mA – short circuit at the North point (galvanic isolation from the housing)
Current: ≤Supply voltage/Potentiometer resistance

Electrical supply for potentiometer with electronic protective circuit
at 4.3151.x0.012 / 110

Voltage Us: 4 VDC...42 VDC (galvanic isolation from the housing) Current: ≤Supply voltage/Potentiometer resistance
≤1 mA at transition 0° 
→ 360° and 360o → 0° equipped with 10 kΩ Pot ≤2 mA at transition 0° → 360° and 360o → 0° equipped with 2 kΩ Pot Serial R=50 Ω (representative)

Electrical supply for heating

Voltage: 24 V AC/DC, 45...65 Hz (galvanic isolation from the housing) Capacity: 25 W


ca. 0.7 kg


IP 55 (DIN 40050)